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New to Mortgage Refinancing?

How do you know if you are a good candidate for a

home refinance

? You might assume that the only reason to refinance is the possibility of reducing your monthly mortgage payment (though be aware that by refinancing your existing loan, your total charges may be higher over the life of the loan). Read more…

Virginia Mortgage Loan Limits

The loan limits in Virginia's 134 counties vary from county and loan type. For Virginia, 78 counties have a conventional loan limit at $417,000, 5 counties at $437,000, 1 county at $442,750, 15 counties at $458,850, 20 counties at $539,900 and 15 counties at $625,500. See VA loan limits by county. Read more…

Basic Tips For Your House Loan


new home mortgage

is the first loan the buyer takes out to pay for a new property, not just the mortgage a first-time home buyer takes out. For

first-time buyers

, getting a loan can be challenging, so being well-informed when seeking a new home mortgage is the best borrowing strategy. Read more…

What to Ask Mortgage Lenders

Although many borrowers look at

interest rates

first when shopping for a

new home loan

, this may not be the best tactic. In fact, there are several key components that determine the cost of a mortgage and how well it suits your lifestyle. Below are ten questions that will help you determine if a loan is the most appropriate available for you and your family. Read more…

Finding the Best Home Mortgage Rates

According to a 2012 study* by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, comparing multiple quotes can save you big. The study found that someone borrowing $200,000 saves thousands simply by considering 4 mortgage quotes. That's why it's important to understand how to become a "savvy shopper" and find the best mortgage rates.  Read more…
  • Multiple quotes means bigger savings

  • Compare interest rates from up to 5 lenders!

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